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AQUAlift Hydrophilic Gel

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  • Material100 gram Gel
  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsT/T,Western Union,MoneyGram


  • Germany Germany
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Product Detail Information

AQUAlift has now been used by a lot of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, which has become a new stage in development of contour plastic surgery.

It is the most physiological and the safest implant out of those available at the market at present, because up to 98 % of its formula is physiological solution of sodium chloride (for intravenous injections) and has got the properties of universal hydrophilic filler. It is a soft tissues filler acting by way of creating a depot of physiological 0.9 % solution of sodium chloride put into a matrix of three-dimensional grid of a complex synthetic polymer. Long chains of the high molecular polymer are sewed together to create a stable three-dimensional grid.